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The Citrix Default Load Evaluator Once More

Documentation for creating custom load evaluators in Citrix has existed for some time. Articles detailing the folly of using the “Default” load evaluator have been around for a while as well. Citrix even has an excellent whitepaper titled “Top 10 items found by Citrix Consulting on Assessments” that lists improper load management as the 2nd overall most common misconfigured item found by Citrix consulting and even gives an example baseline custom load evaluator. Despite all this, environments using the Default load evaluator are still prevalent and make up at least half the Citrix assessments I’m involved with. When words fail to make an impression, sometimes a visual can help:

The problem with the Default load evaluator is clear, it takes user distribution into account but not actual server resource consumption. Citrix load indexes are calculated on a 0-10,000 scale (you can see the value for each server with the “qfarm /load” command), with 10,000 being a “full” server. As you can see above, Server03 is the least busy from a Citrix perspective (since it has the least amount of users logged on), despite being the most busy from a server perspective. Further, the Default load evaluator sets the maximum amount of users per server at “100” while the environment above will not support more than 25-30. So from a load distribution and capacity perspective, the Default load evaluator is clearly ill-suited for any production environment.

A custom load evaluator that accounts for resource consumption takes less than 5 minutes to create and apply to the appropriate servers in your farm. As mentioned previously, the Citrix whitepaper I linked to above has a good baseline custom load evaluator that should get you started. So, take the time to make this simple farm optimization, your users will thank you!

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